YUM-mazing Flavors

Our ice creams are crafted in small batches with wholesome, real ingredients that I grew up with, and fresh local ingredients when possible. No artificial flavors! One lick and you will want a tub all for your self!

Craving Ice Cream?

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Dairy Flavors

Made with Straus Organic Dairy

Blueberry Goat Cheese

Bombay Butterscotch with Cashew Toffee


Chipotle Chocolate

Cinnamon with Bourbon Caramel

Cookies & Cream

Fairy Glitter (Cake Batter & Rainbow Sprinkles)

Guittard Chocolate

Jackfruit Pudding*

Klassic Koolfi (Malai Kulfi)

Macho Matcha (Green Tea)

Mango Koolfi

Mango Lassi

Mung O’Rama

Pumpkin Pie*

Roasted Dark Cherries & Chocolate*

Roasted Marshmallow

Salted Caramel with MysorePak Crumble

Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar*

Strawberry & Chocolate Stracciatella*

Sweet Paan

Dairy-Free (Vegan)

Made with Organic Coconut Milk

Banana Caramel

Black Sesame

Guittard Chocolate

Macho Matcha (Green Tea)

Pina Colada

Souther Kapi – Coffee & Chicory

* seasonal flavor